10 Things Parenting and Start-up Share in Common

There are amazing similarities between parenting and starting up a new business. Here are 10 things that they share in common.

1. There is no user-manual that guarantees the proper function and the success.

2. Everyone will have an opinion.

3. Your routine suddenly changes, dramatically.

4. No one pays you. For a potentially long time.

5. It’s a 24/7 job. No sick leave. No paid holiday.

6. You often wonder, how come I work so hard but I’m still doing such a lousy job?

7. The support from the partner and family makes it so much easier.

8. You need to take a break, even if it’s difficult to arrange.

9. It’s a lonely journey, as most of time you don’t even know where to start to explain.

10. You’ll never fully know what it’s about until you actually start the job.


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