A Week of Test

KLLast week was a week of many ‘first’s to our little trilingual family:

– My first week away from Nina. I was in Kuala Lumpur for a week, and it was the first time ever that I woke up in the morning not hearing Nina making some sort of noise next door. It’s a weird feeling – I was relieved and wanted to take advantage of it on one hand, but felt bad to leave her and Nicolas behind and wanted to be with her on the other hand. Things change now that I am a parent!

– Nicolas’ first week as a single carer. And he survived! He is a real hero as it was a real test to his parenting skills. He said he thought of those single parents and doesn’t know how they deal with it, day after day, not just for a week but for … ever. I have enormous respect to single parents, esp after Nina was born. It’s a physically draining job to be a parent, and you are 24/7, all by yourself. So Nicolas deserves everything he asks for 🙂

– Nina’s first week without mummy of course … She saw me almost everyday (thanks Skype!) but she looked confused – at first she always smiled and looked excited to see me and hear me, but then she looked puzzled as she tried to reach to me/touch me but she couldn’t. Then after a while she sort of tuned out and ignored me. I guess that’s a proof that screen time is not at all the same thing as real time spent together with your child.

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